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Insurance Nsight is the only company that allows you to view profiles, ratings, and reviews for agents representing multiple companies all in one place for FREE. With our platform, you can find knowledgeable and certified insurance agents in the Oklahoma City area quickly and easily, making shopping for homeowners and auto insurance a breeze.  

When you fill out our simple nine-question form, we only collect the critical information that an agent needs to craft a personalized quote just for you. Your personal information will only be shared with the three companies and agents you select, meaning you’ll only be contacted by the individuals you wish to speak with. You’ll save time and money you otherwise would have spent manually searching for agents and requesting rates from less reputable websites with inaccurate quotes.

With Insurance Nsight, you can find comfort in knowing that your insurance needs will be taken care of by a professional, and you’ll be protected if disaster hits.

Why don’t we provide quotes from multiple companies like other sites?

What most insurance shoppers don’t know is that each insurance company has their own business model and target market they pursue. This means that, depending on how you fit into each company’s target market, the rate you’re given on your insurance premium will differ.

In order for any system to accurately quote multiple companies through one platform, insurance providers would have to give these third party sites access to their highly-regarded, proprietary quoting algorithms and systems. This just wouldn’t happen!

This is why any website that claims they provide quotes from multiple insurance companies in one place is simply false. Sure, they can provide you with an average rate quote for your area, but that number is only an estimate. Insurance companies and agents will not honor any estimated quote received online, because it did not come from their proprietary rating systems. 

Why should I use an insurance agent rather than just buying insurance online?

While buying insurance directly online may seem like the easiest way to go, there are many benefits to purchasing your next insurance policy through a certified, local insurance agent. Agents provide personalized service and have the ability to provide additional discounts, answer difficult questions, and even help you manage your way through a difficult claim.

Your insurance agent is a member of your community, meaning they know the issues that are common to the area. In Oklahoma, they can help make sure you’re protected in the event of a bad storm, hail, tornado, or even an earthquake. They can also suggest other coverage options that may be helpful depending on where you live.

If you’re making the effort to protect your physical and financial assets by purchasing insurance, you might as well do it through someone you know, like, and trust!