Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does this service cost?

Insurance Nsight is completely FREE for all insurance shoppers.

How long does the process take?

Our short questionnaire is quick and easy! We only collect the basic information necessary for an insurance agent to create a custom quote for you, and it takes less than one minute to fill out our nine-question form.

How will my information be used?

The personal information you provide when filling out our questionnaire will only be shared with the insurance agents and providers you specifically selected. We will NOT sell or redistribute your information to any other third party organization. We are fully committed to protecting your privacy.

Does Insurance Nsight help me find auto and homeowners insurance?

Yes! After filling out our simple form, you will be able to select which insurance companies you’d like to receive quotes from, as well as which local insurance agents representing those companies you’d like to work with. You will then be contacted by the agents you selected via your preferred contact method.

The insurance agents will be able to discuss coverage options, provide quotes, and assist you in finding the right insurance policy for you.

How many insurance providers do you work with?

We currently partner with insurance agents from all major companies as well as local insurance providers.

How do I know which insurance agent to choose?

After selecting the three insurance companies you’d like to receive quotes from, you’ll be able to view insurance agents representing those three companies and filter them by their proximity to your location, read reviews submitted by their past customers, see their ratings, and view their pictures and full online profiles. With all of the available information, you’ll be able to find the insurance agent that best matches the qualities you’re looking for.

Why can’t I just get an insurance quote online?

Each insurance company reserves their proprietary quoting systems for internal use only. Releasing these rating systems to competitors or external third parties would jeopardize their business model and competitive advantage.

Any website that claims to provide actual quotes from multiple insurance companies in one place should not be trusted. They use what are called “directional quotes”. These quotes simply point you in a specific direction of the rates you may or may not receive from a specific insurance company.  Although this may seem beneficial, these quotes have absolutely no merit and will not be honored when going directly to the insurance company. Buyers beware!