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What Is Car Insurance and Why Do I Need It?                                                          Find an Agent Now!

Buying a new car can be fun. However, when you drive your new or used car off the dealership lot, you’re automatically subjecting it to all the hazards that exist out on the road. From reckless drivers to icy roads and blind spots, there are endless opportunities for your car to be damaged during your daily commute.

Should something bad happen, like an accident, auto insurance protects you and your vehicle and provides peace of mind that you’ll be financially covered. If you were to cause an accident, your insurance company and auto policy would help pay for any injuries to the other driver and their passengers, as well as any damages to their vehicle. In the same way, if another driver hits you and causes an accident, your car insurance would help pay for your medical bills and repair costs.

Both medical and repair bills can quickly add up, meaning an auto accident can quickly turn into an expensive debacle for both parties involved. Luckily, your car insurance policy can help soften the blow and pay for bills that you may have otherwise been stuck paying on your own.

Minimum Required Coverage in Oklahoma

Car insurance is required to own and drive a car in the state of Oklahoma. You’ll have to prove that you’ve purchased insurance for your vehicle when you obtain a driver’s license, register your vehicle, and are involved in an auto accident or traffic stop. Depending on your insurance provider, you can purchase coverage in six-month or one-year increments and pay your premium monthly or in-full at the time of purchase.

Oklahoma’s Financial Responsibility law at minimum requires that you purchase auto liability insurance to cover the following amounts:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage:
    • $25,000 per person
    • $50,000 per accident (if multiple people were injured in the accident)
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage:
    • $25,000 per accident


This minimum required coverage is often called 25/50/25 and only applies to injuries or damages to another person or vehicle that you are at fault for. Although it is wise to purchase additional auto insurance to cover your own medical and damage expenses, it is not required by the state.

What Determines How Much I Pay for My Car Insurance Premium?

Insurance companies all have their own propriety algorithms that take into account many factors to determine what your car insurance rate will be. This is the reason insurance quote generation sites cannot be trusted. Only your insurance agent or company can give you an exact quote for what your rate with that specific insurance provider will be.

Some factors that affect your premium amount include:

  • Your driving record: Fewer accidents and traffic citations can lead to a lower premium.
  • Your age: Older drivers are considered to have more driving experience and receive lower rates.
  • Your gender: Males are statistically more likely to get in an accident than females.
  • Your marital status: Married individuals are statistically less likely to get in an accident than single people.
  • Where you live: Urban areas are known for more traffic and higher theft rates than rural areas.
  • The make, model, and year of your vehicle: Crash safety ratings and how much your car is worth have an impact on your insurance rates.
  • Your credit score: Having a good history of paying off your debts can lead to lower rates.
  • How often/how far you drive on a regular basis: The less you drive, getting into an accident becomes less likely.

Common Car Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies also offer several types of discounts that can help lower your premium. In Oklahoma, a three-year discount is mandatory if you complete an accident prevention course approved by your insurance company. However, this does not apply for defensive driving courses that you are required to take after receiving a traffic violation.

Other common discounts include having an anti-theft device, anti-lock brakes, air bags, or daytime running lights, receiving good student grades (for school-aged drivers), continually renewing your policy, completing a driver education course, holding multiple insurance policies with the same company, having multiple vehicles insured by the same company, being accident/traffic violation free for a given period of time, etc.

What’s Typically Covered by an Auto Insurance Policy in Oklahoma?

The state of Oklahoma only requires that you have liability coverage on your auto insurance policy. However, your insurance agent can help explain the other types of coverage that are available, as well as which make sense for your lifestyle and needs.

Required Liability Coverages:

  • Bodily injury to another driver or pedestrian that you cause
  • Damage to another driver’s property that you cause

Additional Auto Insurance Coverages:

  • Medical payments for your bodily injuries caused by another driver
  • Collision coverage  for damages to your vehicle caused by another driver
  • Comprehensive coverage for damages to your vehicle caused by theft, fire, water, etc.
  • Medical expenses for uninsured/underinsured drivers when they are at fault in an accident
  • Towing and labor coverage
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage
  • Excess electronic equipment coverage for extra gadgets that you add to your vehicle
  • Rental reimbursement coverage

How an Insurance Agent Can Help

Your insurance agent is an invaluable resource when it comes to shopping for and purchasing insurance. Auto insurance is complex and many factors are involved in determining your premiums, deductibles, and how much coverage you need. An insurance agent can explain exactly what’s covered, as well as what’s not covered, by the auto insurance policies they offer. They can even suggest additional coverage that may be important to have based on your unique situation.

For example, if you have added on expensive equipment to your vehicle, such as an electronic wheelchair lift or an upgraded stereo system, your agent may suggest adding on an endorsement or coverage for excess electronic equipment to your policy. Without these, your insurance company would not take the value of any additions into account when determining the replacement value of your vehicle in an accident.

An agent can also help explain or answer questions about all of the nuances that come with purchasing auto insurance, such as: Is driving for a ride sharing company like Uber or Lyft covered by my auto policy? (the answer is no, by the way); What exactly does comprehensive coverage protect against?; How much will my premium increase if I cause an accident?; What is uninsured motorist coverage? The list goes on and on. To help in the short-term, we’ve defined some of the more common terms related to car insurance that you may encounter.

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